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Transitions are Sometimes Difficult

Our families often find themselves in distress when they are in between jobs, or stretching themselves financially for better living conditions. Without cushions to get them through these transition periods, often they experience setbacks which can be so demoralizing and disempowering, crushing any momentum that they have built. One of our single moms found herself short this month after having secured safe housing for herself and her two sons, which is outside of her budget. This mom is about to start a new job and is working in a restaurant as well as doing house cleaning to supplement. Even with this amount of work, she is short on her rent especially with first and last month’s rent required for her new place. She has applied for rental assistance from the Ministry of Children and Families which will not begin until December 1st but will be ongoing into the future. Until December 1st all that the Ministry is able to help with are food vouchers.

Thanks you to all the donors, The Children’s Foundation was able to assist this family with the additional money needed to get them through November without losing their housing.

This financial support is about so more than just the money. It has enabled the family to keep moving forward in a better way by feeling supported and feeling confident in the new choices they are making for themselves. This family is very grateful to all donors for the support given to them.