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Pacific Counselling


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pacific counselling program

PACIFIC Counselling provides private, affordable counselling in Surrey and Vancouver to
better meet community needs. It offers fee-for-service counselling by accredited, experienced
counsellors to individuals, couples, parents, families and children 

A program of  The Children’s Foundation, PACIFIC Counselling offers counselling services to better meet community needs in Surrey and Vancouver. The PACIFIC Counselling program offers fee-for-service counselling for individuals, couples, parents, families and children. These services are provided by accredited, experienced counsellors. Appointments are available within a week, and at convenient, flexible times.

Service Provided

PACIFIC Counselling offers caring, understanding Counsellors providing help for  a range of issues including: 

  • Anxiety / Fear

  • Depression / or Loneliness

  • “ADHD”, oppositional and  other child concerns

  • Parent-Child Conflict; including Step or Foster Parenting

  • Family or Extended Family Conflict

  • Couples’ Conflict (or dealing with an Ex-partner)

  • Trauma (for e.g. abuse, bullying, or witnessing violence)

  • Grief and Loss

  • Life Transitions

  • Post-Adoption Assistance

  • Stress Management

  • Substance Abuse


PACIFIC Counselling provides fully credentialed, seasoned, masters level counsellors. Our counsellors have up-to-date training in Evidenced Based Practices. We offer a client-centered approach; fees are determined on a sliding scale.

PACIFIC Counselling TCF Counsellors:

Flexible fees and Flexible hours in Vancouver or Surrey.


PACIFIC Counselling fees are usually eligible for reimbursement to client through most Extended Health Plans. Online payment is available.

Pay with: Cash or Credit Card 

Sliding scale may apply

Referral Process

Acknowledging that Pacific Counselling is presently not receiving referrals, and that we are looking to receive referrals again in the fall.

Clients can usually start with a Counsellor within 3 days.  

As a private, fee-for-service counselling service, participating clients will have no waiting on wait lists, nor will they have their private information shared with government entities.

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