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Not Your Chalkboard ABC’s

iPads and Laptops are the new chalkboards!

Thanks to the Make a Difference Fund, The Children’s Foundations’ Cindrich School Program in Surrey purchased 6 iPads and 6 Laptops for the classroom. Students in the Cindrich School Program cannot function in regular school due to complex developmental and behavioural conditions. Here at Cindrich with the help of this new technology teachers are better able to engage students with educational apps specifically designed for their needs.

Working one to one with a student and their device creates the kind of focused learning these students need which creates ideal conditions for knowledge retention. Students also have opportunities for creative play with animation, drawing and painting as well as music apps. This creative activity can build language arts through story telling as well as being therapeutic. The teachers have access to a rich library of on-line resources which enhance the learning environment, benefitting the students through multisensory learning. The teachers say they see a difference in student engagement and confidence with not only learning but the technology itself. For most children electronic devices are normal everyday accessories. For the children at Cindrich the addition of these new tools in the classroom gives them an opportunity to learn and acquire skills needed for their futures.

Thank you donors, you are making a difference in the classroom today for a better future tomorrow.