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Body Moves

Swinging, spinning, jumping, balancing, sliding, crawling, climbing, rocking, touching, seeing and listening are important for fun, discovery and exercise, but also for a child’s sensory system. The body’s vestibular system is the sensory system that provides input about movement, balance, spatial awareness and positioning. It helps us with posture, balance, vision, composure and assists us in regulating our own behavior.

Miracle – Recreation Sensory Play Brochure

Before Renovation

All children benefit from play, it is critical to healthy brain development. Physical Literacy is a fundamental human potential and research strongly supports the efficacy of physical activity on mental health. Research proves that It can have positive effects on social, emotional and physical well-being, imagination, dexterity as well as cognitive and physical strength. Vulnerable children can benefit even further with skilled facilitation as well as free play. Facilitated play, with the intention of targeting specific neurobiological outcomes through physical action; be it regulation, calming or stimulation, can help the child be better prepared for cognitive learning and or life skills and coping.

After Renovation

Over the summer, The Children’s Foundation has been putting together a therapeutic sensory room for our children to be ready for them when they come back from summer break. We now have our very own climbing wall! The climbing wall is especially good for focus and concentration, core strength, planning and follow through in a safe but challenging activity. We have also installed a swing which heightens proprioception, body awareness and balance. The benefits from this sensory room will be tremendous. Thank you to all of you donors for Making A Difference in the lives of our children through physical therapeutic play.