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September 2019

Music Theraphy

Classroom - Body music.jpeg

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”

— Plato

For some kid’s summer holidays are not always filled with fun and adventure. It can mean they spend more time with their families who feel the pressure of meagre resources and challenging environments. Holidays can also mean disruption in learning which often set some kids back from hard won cognitive advancements made in the previous school year.

This summer, The Children’s Foundation was really excited to offer a four-week Summer Camp at our Educational Transition Centre. Our camp this year balanced classroom learning with recreational and therapeutic activities to support learning. With your Make A Difference fund we were able to contract a Music Therapist from The Vancouver School Board who came every week to create a fun music environment for the kids.

Playing music has many documented benefits for brain support, mood regulation and learning. We know the brain loves patterns and rhythm. The kids sang, played drums, chimes, bells, wrote songs and just enjoyed themselves so much! Playing music together creates community. This summer through music, the learning and play community for these kids was strengthened. Thank you donors for supporting this summer music experience for our children! It’s going to make a big difference in their upcoming school year.