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June 2019


Next Moves!

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Charles moved to Canada when he was a toddler from Ghana. Now in high-school, he struggles with learning and was unable to attend regular high school. He began attending The Children’s Foundation Educational Transition Centre (ETC) in February. His attendance at ETC has been 100% as we’ve noticed he works well in a smaller setting. He’s always shown an interest in soccer playing whenever he can in the playground or at home in the driveway with neighborhood kids. The Program Coordinator at ETC asked Charles if he would be interested in joining the local athletic club’s soccer program.

He didn’t think twice about signing up, in fact, he wanted the season to start immediately. Charles’s family was unable to purchase the necessary equipment for their son. With the help of the Make A Difference Fund, the Program Coordinator took Charles to purchase new cleats and shin-pads!

Charles had never had equipment for sports before, neither old or new, so he is a very happy young man! Games have begun, they are once a week, with Thursday evening practices. Charles is enjoying being on the team, making new friends and working on his soccer skills. The family is very grateful to the Make A Difference Fund for providing the resources for their son. Charles can enjoy a sense of belonging and get coaching to increase his skill level. Charles is also very interested in Chess, so he can now balance physical and mental activities. We can’t wait to see what his next move is!