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April 2019

Holding Hope


It’s been a long cold winter, but where there is hope, there is light.

Here is a story of forgetting and the kind of generosity that really does Make a Difference.

This is a story about a family served by The Children’s Foundation. We will call the mother, LC.

LC is an extremely hard-working, loving mother of two boys, age 12 and 5. She is a single mother who lives daily with a severe brain injury. Short term memory is a challenge, as well as organization. Despite this, she works incredibly hard every day to provide a stable, consistent home environment for her two boys, both of whom have their own special needs.

LC recently moved out of a women’s shelter into stable housing, which took some time for her to find. As with any move, the many details that she has to manage during this transition time were immense, made even more difficult by her memory and organizational challenges.

While she managed many of these details and has created a warm, safe home for her family, some of the details slipped through the cracks. LC missed her first hydro payment completely. BC Hydro then charged a security deposit in addition to her first and second payments, due to her missing a payment. Given the many expenses associated with moving, this extra cost put an additional burden on the family budget.

LC was extremely grateful to receive assistance from your donations. This is the kind of start that has given LC the home that she wished for and has allowed her to focus on her recovery and her children’s well-being.