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2020-2021 Annual Report

Several years ago, The Children’s Foundation confirmed its mission. “Improving lives by helping children and their families navigate complex challenges,” which continues to guide us. In the spirit of continuous improvement, the Board of Directors has launched a strategic planning initiative and retained the services of Urban Matters to assist us. To date, many key stakeholders have been consulted. This includes board members, staff , parents, children, Ministry of Children and Family Development, City of Vancouver, City of Surrey, universities, indigenous groups, health authorities, school boards and other leaders in the community. Based on this consultation, a review of the key directions for the organization is planned for the coming year.

Service Casework:




Alderwood Family Development Centre

In our annual Children’s Survey, over 90% of children reported feeling safe, welcomed and supported at Alderwood. This is a significant increase over previous years.

Cedarwood Family Program

Cedarwood was able to tap into the Make a Difference Fund to enable our children and families to provide them with basic needs and also enriching activities.


Throughout this last year, we continue ongoing
success, having 14 families receiving consistent service, receiving the needed break they require to thrive as a family. Our longstanding caregivers continue to be committed to the families they are helping.

Heartwood Child Assessment

In 2019, the Heartwood House Child Assessment Team included two psychologists

Two pediatricians, two occupational therapists, and a speech and language pathologist. Together, they completed over 40 multidisciplinary assessments of children within TCF and children supported by the Ministry of Children and Family Development and other community agencies.


This foster child, now 16 years old, is strongly connected to the foster family and identifies as being part of this family and the family views this child as their daughter and/or sister.

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